Oregon’s Sea Sentinels

The simple joy of taking a morning walk on a sandy beach is reason enough for me to hop in the car and head to the Oregon Coast. For those who require a more structured reason to visit Oregon’s bountiful coastline, consider taking a trip to see Oregon’s original lighthouses. These coastal workhorses—still providing light and safety to sea travelers…

English Palaces and Castles

The television series "Downton Abbey" has been a wildly successful British cultural export. The riveting saga of the Earl of Grantham's family and servants has introduced the world to the manners, society and snobbery of the turn of the century. Yet the tales of intrigue, adventure and romance around Highclere Castle in Hampshire—where "Downton Abbey" was filmed—are just as interesting…

The Fast Life or Low Country Life

Girls weekends either resemble a low-key relaxation trip or bumping it up to the next level. That's why Miami and Charleston are two of the best spots to travel with your girlfriends.

English Palaces and Castles

Kingston upon Thames is full of options including the Mitre Hotel, a building dating back to 1665 that is on the opposite bank of the river to the palace. Double rooms start at around £120 per night (about $155). Another friendly option, slightly cheaper and also close is the HC Hotel. VisitLondon.com

A World Apart

Everything you've heard about Dubai's unbridled extravagance is true. Well, at least most of it is. (I’d been told that most taxis I’d hail would be Mercedes and with luck even Lamborghinis. Turns out, that wasn’t quite true.) However, this city–technically an Emirate–perched on the Persian Gulf is considered the most expensive in the Middle East. It is the flashiest…

English Palaces and Castles

Winston Churchill is widely regarded as one of the 20th century’s most significant people, a man known for his inspirational speeches and great leadership. Although Churchill was not a member of the royal family, this giant of British politics was born into the privileged classes in one of Europe's grandest residences, the magnificent Blenheim Palace.

La Vie En Rose

There is nothing like the salty, breezy air blowing in from the California coastline. San Diego—more specifically La Jolla—is a place where perfect temperatures and sunshine are almost always in your daily forecast, and world-class beaches await in your backyard.

Silverado Resort and Spa

Nestled among the rolling hills of Napa Valley, the Silverado Resort and Spa is a dream destination awaiting your visit. Boasting a beautiful and historic white mansion, incredible full-service spa, gorgeous grounds and activities for all, staying at Silverado will not only be enjoyable, but memorable too!

New Orleans

If memories of your last trip to New Orleans are hazy images of beads and neon lights on Bourbon Street, it’s time to take a fresh look at the Big Easy. New Orleans is a world of its own where the South mingles with the Caribbean and lively music tickles your ears as you walk down the street. Beyond Bourbon…

C Lazy U Ranch

Nestled among the pines in the mountains of Colorado, a luxurious place awaits. The roar of the gravel road under your tires and the smell of horses fill the crisp air as you pull into C Lazy U Ranch. Now a ranch might not scream luxury to some people but let me reassure you—you’ll be in for a “royal” treat.