A Tribute

Christmas snow globes have been around for centuries—their exact debut is unknown, but traditional snow globes can be traced back to France as early as the 19th century. Snow globes appeared at the Universal Expo of 1878 and, a year later, at least five companies manufactured snow globes and sold them throughout Europe.

In Their Shoes

Sometime in 1607, Christopher Jones and several business partners purchased the ship Mayflower. It was purchased to make several voyages to France, Spain and Germany to pick up cargo: fish, lumber, tar, wine from France and more. The Mayflower could freight up to 180 tons of cargo. Many voyages to other countries, in turn, proved the ship’s stability; by May…

You Are A Princess

Fashion: A popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. The most influential designers of all time dressed famous women around the world, creating a culture forging their designs into our lives throughout the years. Coca Chanel said, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” Indeed it is style that creates the perfect little black…

Show Your Color

As a youth, September meant summer was over, the pool had closed and it was time for school. The late nights of kick the can on the hill were replaced with homework. Growing up, our home always had three TVs blaring college football on Saturdays. Hence, there wasn't any cable, just three networks. I know—hard to believe.

Applause for August

The month of August reminds me of going to Peoples Drug store to stock up on school supplies. I was always so excited to pick the notebooks to match the cool floral paper book covers that you taped and wrapped like a gift. Books were a gift to my education, and one of my favorite subjects was history.

A Stone of Love

The name “ruby” comes from the Latin word ruber, which means “red.” The glowing red of the ruby suggests an everlasting flame in the stone with the ability to shine through clothing and boil water.

The Man on the Cover

As I pondered what to put on this month’s cover, an issue dedicated to men, one man came to mind: George Washington. As you go about your everyday activities, to the grocery store, gas station or shopping, we are reminded of the legacy of George Washington, “Father of His Country” with his face on the dollar bill, the quarter, hundreds…

Happy May!

The month of May brings spring tulips with its warm days and cool nights. I think of May as the transition month into the dog days of summer and my trips to Memphis. Memphis in May is a month of festivals and great music. The first Memphis in May was in 1977 featuring the Memphis blues, a sound that is…

Welcome to April!

Fabergé Eggs are considered to be among the greatest symbols of Russia and its rich history. To appreciate the history of such beautiful art one must visit the history of The House of Fabergé. Born in St. Petersburg in 1846, Peter Carl Fabergé was the son of a jeweler, Gustav Fabergé, owner of a small silver and jewelry shop. At…

The Makings of March

We approach the month of March with trepidation, never knowing if the “BIG” blizzard will repeat its fury like the blizzard of 1993, which dumped over 22 inches of snow. Not to say, beating the snow history of 1890, with over 3 feet of snow. The old Wales proverb, “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”…