December 2017 Around Town

The cure for cancer could be in your closet … or your jewelry box, attic ... or a Discovery Shop shopping bag. The Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake Discovery Shops, sponsored by and for the benefit of the local American Cancer Society, are upscale resale shops.

Shining A Light On Roanoke’s Restaurant Scene

The Star City of the South shines like a beacon in the culinary world, beckoning you to head out for another dining experience—some unique, some not so much—but each with its own attraction. What makes the list of Roanoke natives' favorite restaurants so interesting is that it’s a veritable cornucopia of restaurants, featuring fare from simple to gourmet, the mundane…

October 2017 Around Town

Head over to our Habitat ReStore first when you’re in the market for home furnishings and construction supplies! Not only do you get a great deal, but your purchase helps build more Habitat homes. The ReStore is open to the public, and everyone from homeowners to landlords and contractors is encouraged to take advantage of the selection and great prices.…

September 2017 Around Town

The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke is a full-time facility that takes in injured or orphaned wildlife. Their mission is twofold: to contribute to wildlife conservancy by rehabilitating wildlife indigenous to Virginia. The animals may have suffered injury, abandonment or illness, with a goal to rehabilitate the animal and return it to its natural habitat. The SWVAC serves Roanoke…

August 2017 Around Town

Recently, a 600-pound emerald was discovered in a remote part of Brazil. According to The Associated Press, details on the gemstone’s characteristics or value are not yet available. However, there is a gem right in our backyard whose characteristics and value are readily on display.

July 2017 Around Town

United Way of Roanoke Valley (UWRV) has dedicated 92 years to improving lives in the community, proudly serving the citizens of the cities of Roanoke, Salem, Vinton and Botetourt and Roanoke and Craig Counties. By leading partnerships with hundreds of nonprofits, government agencies, policymakers and businesses, UWRV helps solve urgent community needs that no one organization can solve alone.

June 2017 Around Town

Since 1974, Bradley Free Clinic has met the needs of low-income, uninsured patients through a dedicated group of volunteer health care professionals that provide free medical, mental health, dental and pharmacy services in the Roanoke Valley.

May 2017 Around Town

“I would like to express my appreciation for the gifts of joy you presented to my daughter for Christmas. I am so very thankful. Although I am working, this year has been a struggle. I was worried because I really am not able to do much for her, but thanks to you, I am able to make her day. She…

April 2017 Around Town

….is a best friend in need. Saint Francis Service Dogs of the Roanoke Valley are just that—highly trained service dogs assisting people with disabilities in the community and surrounding areas. For two decades, Saint Francis Service Dogs has provided people with disabilities immense amounts of joy, laughter, dignity and freedom—all delivered directly to their hearts from four well-trained paws.

March 2017 Around Town

Lee Clark, CEO of Rescue Mission Ministries shared the following story of how real people experiencing real life transformations at the Rescue Mission in our Valley makes a difference. A letter from the heart… “Karley Wasn’t Supposed To Make It”