Beth Shively

Beth Shively has been an artist for most of her life. A Rocky Mount native, she moved to Kansas as a child and grew up there. When she was in junior high school in Wichita, Beth felt her art class was “talking to me.” She went on to major in art at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. She returned to…

Local Artist Annie Waldrop

Annie Waldrop’s goal is to live an artful life. She sees art in cooking, gardening and the furniture and accessories that surround her.

Steve Mitchell

It started in the late 1970s with a girlfriend who was a potter. Steve Mitchell says they eventually “went their separate ways,” but he kept his love of pottery. Fast forward a bit to a job transfer to Richmond, a move back to Roanoke and a Saturday morning pottery class at Roanoke County Parks & Recreation’s Brambleton Center.

Ann Bondurant Trinkle

Stepping into Ann Bondurant Trinkle’s art studio, a visitor can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things—wood, metal, found objects. Trinkle, herself, isn’t daunted by it. “I have an odd visual memory,” she says. “I know where things are. I’m a better finder than the rest of my family.” Her studio, in an old building in the Roanoke Industrial…

Bonnie Burt

Bonnie Burt adds some detail to the painting in front of her, the latest in her “beach series.” To one side in her spacious studio is a potter’s wheel. To the other, a table with a watercolor in progress. Behind her, on an easel, is a landscape.


Gari Stephenson lets the paint tell her what’s on the paper or canvas. The Roanoke native says she has been painting since she was a child. She took art classes in school, majored in art at Longwood College (now University) and even taught art in Henrico County for four years. But, she admits her process is “backward.”

Eric Fitzpatrick

Eric Fitzpatrick likes to capture the moment when the musicians he paints “lose themselves.” It’s the same he said with art. “You reach a level that’s second nature.” The Roanoke artist feels he’s done that, but also never stops learning, growing and changing. Though he is right handed, an injury caused him to start painting with his left, which he…

Ray Kass – Local Artist

Ray Kass came to Virginia Tech in 1976 as a visiting artist for one-quarter. That part-time position was renewed for the spring, and in 1977 he was offered a one-year position as a painting professor in the Division of Humanities. He retired in 2003. For many talented college art professors, that might have been the beginning and end of the…

Joni Pienkowski

Joni Pienkowski’s sunny mid-century home in Blacksburg is so full of her paintings; it’s hard to know where to look first. Yet, she says, “Some people think I am more art than I am.” She talks with pride about her three children – all grown up and “making a living.” A native of Southwest Wisconsin, Pienkowski and her husband, Robert,…