Sometime in 1607, Christopher Jones and several business partners purchased the ship Mayflower. It was purchased to make several voyages to France, Spain and Germany to pick up cargo: fish, lumber, tar, wine from France and more. The Mayflower could freight up to 180 tons of cargo. Many voyages to other countries, in turn, proved the ship’s stability; by May 1620, Jones and his crew were hired to take the pilgrims to Northern Virginia. This was the first trans-Atlantic voyage for the Mayflower and its captain, Jones, with the experience of John Clarke and Robert Coppin who had been to the New World on previous voyages.

The Speedwell was to accompany the voyage to America but proved to be too leaky. The Mayflower set sail alone on September 6, 1620, and was at sea for 66 days arriving on November 9, 1620.

Below is a list of passengers who boarded the Mayflower, setting sail to the unknown. I can’t imagine their thoughts, their fears and their excitement.

Imagine 410 years ago walking in their shoes.

  • Isaac and Mary (Norris) Allerton and children 
 Bartholomew, Remember and Mary
  • John Allerton
  • John and Eleanor Billington and sons John 
 and Francis
  • William and Dorothy (May) Bradford
  • William and Mary Brewster and children Love 
 and Wrestling
  • Richard Britteridge
  • Peter Browne
  • William Butten
  • Robert Carter
  • John and Katherine (White) Carver
  • James and Mrs. Chilton and daughter Mary
  • Richard Clarke
  • Francis Cooke and son John
  • Humility Cooper
  • John Crackstone and son John
  • Edward Doty
  • Francis and Sarah Eaton and son Samuel
  • Thomas English
  • Moses Fletcher
  • Edward and Mrs. Fuller and son Samuel
  • Samuel Fuller
  • Richard Gardiner
  • John Goodman
  • William Holbeck
  • John Hooke
  • Stephen and Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins and children Constance, Giles and Damaris; son Oceanus was born during the voyage
  • John Howland
  • John Langmore
  • William Latham
  • Edward Leister
  • Edmund Margesson
  • Christopher and Mary (Prower) Martin
  • Desire Minter
  • Ellen, Jasper, Richard and Mary More
  • William and Alice Mullins and children 
 Priscilla and Joseph
  • Degory Priest
  • Solomon Prower
  • John and Alice Rigsdale
  • Thomas Rogers and son Joseph
  • Henry Samson
  • George Soule
  • Myles and Rose Standish
  • Elias Story
  • Edward Thompson
  • Edward and Agnes (Cooper) Tilley
  • John and Joan (Hurst) Tilley 
 and daughter Elizabeth
  • Thomas and Mrs. Tinker and a son
  • William Trevore
  • John Turner and two sons
  • Richard Warren
  • William and Susanna White and son Resolved; son Peregrine was born shipboard in Provincetown Harbor after arrival
  • Roger Wilder
  • Thomas Williams
  • Edward and Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow
  • Gilbert Winslow
  • “Mr. Ely”
  • Dorothy, John Carver’s maidservant

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