As I ponder the New Year, I often think of new beginnings, as well.  Maybe that is how we all approach the New Year, what was then, is now past tense; bring on the “new.”

Throughout the year we have ideas, ways we do things in our everyday life.  How do I remember to do these things, is to write them down. We use notepads that may hang on the refrigerator, a calendar to etch in our appointments and sticky notes for office reminders.  We now have electronic devices, with the tip of a finger, to a pad and a reminder, within the device.

The style of writing has come a long way, hence the “quill.”

I chose the “quill” as the cover to illustrate the purpose of our thoughts, to compose, with the ability to return to the words we wrote, to read and reread…for years to come.

The “quill” firstly appeared in Spain, as St. Isadore of Seville mentioned them in his writings in the 7th century.  However, it is not truly known the exact age when the “quill” appeared. It is known that the graceful writing tool contributed to some parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, in 2nd century BC.

As an artistic tool, the “quill” was used with its fine brushes of the feathers for illustrations of figures, decorations and images.

The best were made from goose, swan and turkey feathers.

From the 15th century on, writing began to flourish to the western world. The American Declaration of Independence was written and signed with “quills.” And today, as a tribute and perhaps a reminder, to a writing instrument that declared us independent from the crown;   20 goose-quill pens are placed at the tables each day the U.S. Supreme Court is in session.

So, as we begin a New Year, think about your history and how you would write it…as the ink transcribes your thoughts for generations to read…putting a feather in your cap.

Happy New Year!