It is my pleasure to bring to you the first issue of Roanoke Lifestyle Magazine to your home.  As publisher, I wanted to share, community artists, writers with the flare of a luxury; a look, craftsmanship and desire.

Each month, Roanoke Lifestyle Magazine will illustrate an avant-garde cover. How I choose the cover, is how I want to share with you, my thoughts and reflection of the image.

This month’s cover is the Mandala, pronounced, mon-dah-lah, which means “circle.”

There are many translations for the Mandala, in Christianity, Hinduism, Jewish, Buddhist and other religious orientations.

The Mandala has many uses and different designs of the “circle.”  The “circle” symbolizes the notion that life never ends. It may be used as meditation symbol or as a journey through life.

The Mandala I chose this month was appealing, depicting the intertwining of the gold as life itself.  The beauty of celebrating life,  especially during the holidays with family and friends. The “circle” of gold reminds me of my origin, Greek. The center is like that of my ancestry.  And all the points, like a crown, is the family, in all directions.

Everyone feels different experiences with the meditation of a Mandala, coming away with a relaxed demeanor.

So, by choosing the Mandala, in such a hectic time of year, my gift to you, with hope, brings you a sense of pleasure in reading Roanoke Lifestyle magazine.

I wish you a Happy Holiday.


Stephanie Scordas